About Us

Comprising of a bunch of ardent robotics technocrats from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur working together to build autonomous soccer-playing robots, the Kharagpur Robosoccer Students' Group (KRSSG) marked its inception in August 2009 with participation in RoboCup @ India Challenge in the campus this event was the first of its kind in South East Asia and with this India joined the elite body of only 18 nations worldwide to have a league of their own. Since then it has always striven to breach its own limits. Buoyed by the developments in this field, it had been transformed into a research project under the collective guidance of professors from the departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering .The research objective of the group is to build and study cooperative multi-agent systems in highly dynamic adversarial environments. Our Aim is to participate in two International events FIRA and RoboCup.



Canada || 2018

Secure second position in Goalie skills challenge of 3D simulation League in Robocup held at Montreal, Canada.

Japan || 2017

First participation in the RoboCup Small Size League with worldwide participation.

Germany || 2016

First Participation in the Robocup Humanoid Simulation League, we ranked 8th internationally.

Korea || 2015

Bagged BRONZE medal in the Mirosot League and performed outstanding in the SimuroSot league.

China || 2014

Significant improvement in our strategies and design and control system of bots defeating foreign teams.

Malaysia || 2013

Our first participation in the FIRA MiroSot and Simurosot League with worldwide participation.

India || 2009

strong>Robocup Challenge at IIT Kharagpur in association with International RoboCup Federation.

Recent Works